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What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are thinner veneers that can cover imperfections and flaws at the front of your smile. They do not require any former tooth structure to be compromised or filed down. This saves your teeth from being damaged, ensuring that the Lumineers can be removed at virtually any time without any ill effects. Lumineers are long-lasting and durable, typically staying put on the teeth for up to a decade.

Why are Lumineers needed?

Lumineers can cover a wide array of different flaws on your front teeth. For example, if your front teeth are worn-looking, stained, discolored, uneven or are cracked and chipped, the Lumineer option may be right for you. These thin veneers are used to cover the actual teeth so that you cannot see anything underneath. Unlike regular veneers, there is no anesthesia or filing required.

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Why Are Lumineers Needed

Who is a good candidate for Lumineers?

In order to be a good candidate for Lumineers, we will examine your teeth. Your teeth should be healthy enough for veneers. If the teeth are decayed or have other problems, we will recommend other treatment prior to having the Lumineers placed. Most patients who want Lumineers are good candidates for the actual procedure.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Lumineers

What happens during the procedure for Lumineers?

We first take impressions of your teeth so that we can craft perfectly-made Lumineers just for you. There is no anesthetic required at all and we will not file down or smooth your existing teeth. Lumineers are then made just for you and will be placed at your second visit into the office. The process to place the Lumineers may take some time since they have to be applied perfectly in order to look natural. Once the Lumineers are placed, we’ll make any adjustments to them as needed. You can then be amazed at how completely different your smile looks thanks to the beauty and brilliance of whisper thin Lumineer technology.

If you are interested in Lumineers and what they can do for your smile, call us today and we will be able to further assist you.