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What are Sealants?

Sealants are protective coverings that can be applied to the back teeth. They prevent cavities as well as deep staining. They are often only applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars and pre-molars. They are helpful for both children and adults alike, and they can prevent the need for eventual fillings, root canals and even extractions.

Why are Sealants needed?

While sealants are mostly used on pediatric patients, they can be just as beneficial for adults as well. We can help in determining if you’d benefit from sealants. Some reasons you’d want to consider sealants include:

  • You are prone to tooth decay
  • You have a lot of fillings already
  • You want to protect your teeth
  • You or your child doesn’t have the best oral hygiene habits
  • You regularly consume a lot of sugar
  • You want to prevent deep groove staining of the back teeth

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Why Are Sealants Needed

Who is a candidate for Sealants?

We will examine your teeth to determine if you might need or benefit from sealants. Most patients who want sealants can have the procedure done. Sealants are completely clear, so no one will even know that you have them on your teeth. They can last for up to three years before they’ll need to be replaced fully.

Who Is A Candidate For Sealants

What happens during the procedure for Sealants?

To begin, we clean and dry the back teeth. The liquid sealant is then brushed over the back teeth. The liquid is cured, or hardened, into place so that it does not wash away or move. Your new sealant dries to a clear finish, but we can still check on them at each of your bi-annual checkup appointments. Depending on wear and tear to the sealants, they can last for anywhere from about one to three years. We can just as easily reapply the sealants as they begin to wash away in an effort to keep your teeth fully and completely protected.

If you think you’d benefit from sealants, call us today and we will be able to further assist you by getting you in for an appointment.